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Investor Relations

Q4 2018 Revenue and FY 2018 Earnings

  • 2018 full year results delivered in line with expectations
  • Full-year revenue at €3 billion with Identity, IoT and Cybersecurity segment revenue up +11% at constant exchange rates
  • Profit from operations at €332 million, up +7%
  • Thales transaction expected to close in Q1 2019, 11 of 14 Regulatory Clearances obtained

    Press Release (PDF)
    2018 Annual Report (PDF)

    Investors and analysts wishing to ask questions may reach the Investor Relations team.
    Telephone: +33 (0) 1 57 77 89 02
    Email: ir@thalesgroup.com

Gemalto shares will be delisted on 29 May 2019

97% of Gemalto shares have been tendered to the Thales offer


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