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Gemalto Worldwide Offices

Please Select a country    

 You can also use the interactive map below.    

Please note that Gemalto offices are not Applicant Processing fingerprinting sites. To locate a fingerprinting site near you, please visit https://www.aps.gemalto.com?


  • Meudon Office


    6, rue de la Verrerie - CS20001
    92197 Meudon Cedex

    Tel: +33 1 55 01 50 00

  • Singapore Office

    Gemalto Pte Ltd

    12 Ayer Rajah Crescent
    139941 Singapore

    Tel: +65 6317 3333

  • Singapore Office

    Gema?lto Inc.

    9442 Capital of Texas Highway North, Suite 400?
    Austin, TX, 78759?

    Tel: +1 888 343 5773??????